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Expert Training for Coaches and Trainers
Entrepreneurs & Superheroes

Share your passion with the world and make money while you sleep

"You will either be dead or in prison by the time you are 30"

"You will either be dead or in prison by the time you are 30"  - the words of my teacher when he 'asked me to leave' my secondary school at age 15 with no qualifications.....   Its true I started my career from a less than helpful place.... however my teacher was wrong... very wrong. 

Why do I tell you this? - because if I can build a successful business with a repeat passive income and earn thousands while I sleep or play with my children... then so can you.......​

Today I assist  coaches, practitioners and trainers just like you  to break free from feeling stuck, finally start earning the income you deserve to fulfil your dreams.

FACT: 90% of business owners are just 3 poor decisions away from broke 

Imagine if your entire life could change for the better with just one easy to make decision.....

I am an international coach, author trainer, and best selling course creator, serving over 10,000 followers on Facebook, over 20,000 international students / clients in over 160 countries around the globe.

Your purpose driven, time and cash rich business  awaits - the time is now... 

If something were to happen to you long would it be before you ran out of money and lost your job or business ? would you be able to see that through?  or would you (like most people) be pretty well F****

"Creating a repeat passive income is not only very freakin' cool it's frankly only responsible if you have a family, children and or responsibilities to meet"


Have you ever wondered what is it you need to do to finally start achieving great things? What I have learnt and discovered on my journey to where I am now is that success leaves clues.... without an understanding of these basic principals your journey will be tough at best and a disastrous failure at worst.

​Why do that to yourself? Get this easy to guide to the must have keys to achieving your dreams

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